discussion response to short story

Step 1 – Read Question
Question – Read the story and discuss what you think is the most important Element(s) of Fiction in the story. Why is this Element important? Use quotes in your answer. Provide eight or more sentences in your posting, not including quotes.
Step 2 – Read “The Elements of Fiction” – at the bottom of the page
Step 3- Read The Short Story Weekend by Ann Beattie by clicking on the link belowhttps://kingauthor.net/books/Ann%20Beattie/The%20New%20Yorker%20Stories/The%20New%20Yorker%20Stories%20-%20Ann%20Beattie.pdf
Go to “content” and select “Weekend ♦ November 15, 1976”Weekend by Ann Beattie is the short story you will be working on.
Step 4 – Answer the question with approximately 300 words or more
“The Elements of Fiction”the six dimensions of a short story
“Elements” = the smallest individible components“Elements” = essentially necessary components
any and every short story must have the six following Elements
Plot — something must happen
Character — it must happen to someone
Narrator — it must be told by someone
Setting — it must happen somewhere
Writing style — it must be told somehow
Theme — it must mean something
“Literary Development”: the time and attention that an author takes to expand upon one or more Element of Fiction; the degree to which a particular Element is elaborated by the author; can range from very little to very enriched and in-depth
“The Elements of Fiction” contd.
plot -one action
character – fictional person
narrator – hearing voices
setting – a real place
writing style – a way of writing
theme – the meaning
Literary “Distance” and “Sympathy”