Discuss the quality of the evidence discussed in this study.

This discussion will introduce you to the process of reading and critiquing qualitative nursing research.
As a nursing professional, it is important to be an active consumer of current research and be able to identify
relevant findings within research studies that may contribute to evidence based practice. Read and critique the
following article. Complete the comment section answering the questions on the Critique for Qualitative Research Form. This form will identify the components of a qualitative research study and help you examine, analyze, and
interpret the research results.

Please review the following study and answer the questions below:

Moquin, H., Seneviratne, C., & Venturato, L. (2018). From apprehension to advocacy: A qualitative study of undergraduate nursing student experience in clinical placement in residential aged care. BMC Nursing, 17(8), p. 1-11.

Discuss these questions and your findings with two of your peers:
Was the research question clearly defined?
What is the importance of the study?
Who was studied?
What is the study design?
How was data collected?
How was the data analyzed?
Discuss the quality of the evidence discussed in this study.
Was anything left out of the study?
In your opinion, would the findings be applicable to the area of nursing education?
Share your thoughts about what could have been done differently.