Discuss the nurse’s role in health advocacy concerning the Healthy.

PurposeThe purpose of this discussion is to facilitate learners’ examination of the influences of the determinants of health (socioeconomic, physical environment, health behaviors, health care) factors and the impact of health disparities on the health outcomes of populations. Learners will explore national health initiatives designed to reduce health disparities and the nurse’s role in health advocacy.STEP 1: PREPAREComplete the assigned learning activities in this lessonReflect critically on the determinants of health (socioeconomic factors, physical environment, health behaviors, and health care) as well as health disparities, and the overarching goals for the Healthy People 2030 InitiativesPrepare a well-developed and thorough discussion to address each of the social determinants of health. Your discussion should demonstrate synthesis and critical analysis of each of the determinants of healthIn each of the determinants of health include your insight and inferences regarding how nursing practice can impact health determinants and health disparities within populationsPlease use direct quotations sparingly, if at all. If you use direct quotes from any references you need to cite the reference according to APA GuidelinesParaphrasing (with supporting citations) is a viable alternative to the use of direct quotes and preserves the impact of your original thoughts and analysisRun your discussion paper through safe assign or turnitin. Attach the plagiarism sheet to your discussion paper with the submission.STEP 2: INITIAL RESPONSEIn your own words, describe how each of the determinants of health affects health outcomes of populations. Discuss each of the determinants of health and cite at least one example of each of the determinants of health that you have experienced in your professional practice.Consider a separate paragraph for each determinant of health in your discussionYou will need 3 scholarly references that are within3 years to prepare your discussion. Include the references in the reference sheet arranging in ABC order and use APA guidelines In the text(body) of your discussion include each of the references using APA guidelines.Discuss the nurse’s role in health advocacy concerning the Healthy People 2030 Objectives (https://health.gov/healthypeople). Be sure to include citations within your writing to show where the source influenced your writing.