Discuss the insights have you developed about yourself and how you execute your leadership role.

This assignment is intended tostimulate your thinking about the conceptual and pragmatic aspects of theassigned readings and discussions, and their implications for your own managinghuman resources.
For each of the assigned areas (totalof 7 sections) below, you are to: take a major concept, explain it, reflect onthe concept and then apply that concept to your leadership role and your organization.
Corporation: Name Energy LinkInternationalwww.EnergyLinkInternational.com
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Writer Role: Shareholder, SeniorManager
Introduction – Write up about Energylink from the Website.Section 1: Strategic Role of HR in yourorganization.Section 2: Job Analysis and Safety inyour organization.Section 3: Staffing Systems in yourorganizationSection 4: Performance Management inyour organization – (business and personal goals)Section 5: Training and TalentManagement & Development in your organizationSection 6: Compensation in yourorganization – (shareholders dividends, bonuses competitive wages).Section 7: The Legal Environment andDiversity & Inclusion in your organization.
Last section 8 – Lessons Learned: thisdiscusses the final discussion on your specific learnings from the text,discussions, readings, etc. This should be two pages in length.Please discuss ethics and diversity for thissection.
The paper covers 7 sections plus thelessons learned. Each section reflection should be one and a half pages inlength plus two pages for lessons learned. The lessons can be around the text,vClasses and threaded discussions, teaming, personal insights, etc. You are to followAPA style. It can be 1st person.References if any from: Belcourt, Monica; Bohlander, George W. & Morris, Shad. (2019) Managing Human Resources (9th ed).Nelson
The total length of the paper shouldnot exceed 12-14 pages of content.ed.caYour papers should not besimply a paraphrasing of the assigned readings. Instead, your reflection shouldbe your thoughts and opinions on the readings, the extent to whichthey conflict with or corroborate other reading you have done or experiencesyou have had, the extent to which they have some utility for you (e.g.,conceptual development, application potential), and so forth. Based on this,discuss the insights have you developed about yourself and how you execute yourleadership role. You are required to explicitly reflect on the reading in thecontext of your own leadership experiences (present or past job/organization,social clubs, and volunteer roles), applying this material as appropriate to probeand explain critical incidents you have experienced, their relationship to yourleadership role, and insights into your personal learnings. The final two pagesof the paper should include what have you learned from the reading topics,debated positions, other related discussions, vClasses, teaming, threadeddiscussions, etc.While you are required to explicitlyfocus on the assigned course reading, you are free to draw on other readings —from other courses, your job, academic readings – to support the criticalreflection on the application of the concepts. This supplementary support willcreate a robust transfer of learning framework to support each chapter and lessonslearned reflection.The assignment is meant to stimulateyour thinking of both the conceptual and pragmatic/applied aspects of theassigned course readings.