Discuss the impacts of coastal development in The Bahamas.

IntroductionSummary of environmental issue in The Bahamas – a detailed description of an environmental sustainability issue in the country (including history of the problem and/or history of addressing the problem, where applicable)Case studies – summary of environmental issues in selected countries, including the solutions these countries have proposed and the successes or failures that have emerged from the solutionsProposed solutions for the country of focus (e.g., The Bahamas) – do any of the solutions from the case studies have the potential to be applied in The Bahamas? What suggestions do you propose for The Bahamas to address the problem? Your response should focus on multiple levels, including individuals/households, local (e.g., settlement, city, or island), and national. If appropriate, note if any potential regional approaches exist to the problem.ConclusionReferences (not included in word count)The paper should be divided into sections with headers (exact header names are up to you).Length: The entire document should be 2500-3000 words long, excluding references