Discuss the failure in light of cost, schedule, scope, quality, and organizational strategy alignment as applicable.

Project Management Research Paper: Each student will select and research an actual case study of a project that was deemed a failure in the last five years. This can be a project failure that you find doing online research, or one that you personally witnessed or participated in during your career. Often, one learns more from past failures than from past successes; hence, the rationale for this assignment. The paper must be 5 to 7 pages (excluding title and references pages), and include at least five outside references from reputable peer reviewed journals published within the last five years.Before researching and selecting a failed project for your analysis, consider the following:A project does not have to be completely abandoned or fail to come to fruition to be a failure. The project can still “happen” but have failed in terms of cost, timeline, quality, and/or scope. It can also be argued that it failed b/c it was misaligned with the organization’s mission and strategy.Given these wider considerations of what technically constitutes “failure,” take a look at projects you have witnessed, experienced, or research and analyze them in terms of cost, schedule, scope, quality, and organizational strategy alignment. If it failed on any of these, you likely have a good start to your paper.Project failure considerations should be discussed in light of the text and/or academic and professional research to support your analysis.RequirementsAPA title pageAbstract5 – 7 pages of analysis (excluding Title page, Abstract, and Reference page)A detailed analysis of why the project was judged to be a failure, explained in terms of the project management principles studied in this course and/or mentioned in the textbook. The analysis cannot be based on personal opinion, but instead supported by references. Make sure to discuss the failure in light of cost, schedule, scope, quality, and organizational strategy alignment as applicable. You can certainly discuss other contributing factors such as risk assessment, stakeholder communication, leadership failures, etc. as well.Please use the following Bold Headers (and include sub-headers as appropriate):Introduction (1 – 2 paragraphs)Project Background and Summary (This should not exceed one page and include enough information to understand the key details of the project failure selected for your paper)Detailed Analysis of Failure (majority of your paper)ConclusionAPA (6th or 7th Edition). Therefore, sources should be given as in-text citation for any verbiage, presented tables and/or figures that are not your own creation.A properly formatted reference page.Must be submitted as Microsoft Word DocumentLow TurnItIn similarity score (Approximately 15% or less). Papers with high similarity scores will receive a grade of 0.