Discuss the credibility of the websites and sources for the top 2 rows of image results using what you learned from the Bali and Brown reading and the SIFT videos.

## Action Items:
1. Read and watch all the assigned pieces for this week before completing your Reading Response.2. Go to [Google Images](https://images.google.com/), and look up something specific to Minnesota. For example, you could look up “MN state fair” or “boundary waters” or “Paul Bunyan.” Take a screenshot of the first 2-3 rows of results.3. Complete your write-up and turn-in your completed Workshop assignment to your Shared Folder (the one you created and shared with Dr.S).
### Resources:
– [How to Take a Screenshot](https://www.notion.so/How-to-Take-a-Screenshot-74087f08571e476bab3722c85fda5000)– [How to Create a Citation Using Zbib](https://www.notion.so/How-to-Create-a-Citation-Using-Zbib-f81101641eeb4368b90ead7f8a188b0b)– [Zbib](https://zbib.org/) citation generator
## Assignment Specs:
1. Discuss the credibility of the websites and sources for the top 2 rows of image results using what you learned from the Bali and Brown reading and the SIFT videos. How credible are the sites? Why do you think their images appeared at the top of Google’s search results? Be as specific as possible.– You don’t have to discuss every site, but do look for groupings or trends and discuss specific examples.2.Examine the images themselves and identify any common patterns or details. Are they photographs, artistic renderings, a combination? How do they depict what you searched for? What did you expect to see? What surprises you?3. Given what you know about your search topic, find additional images, revise, and improve the first row of search results. Arrange the images in the order you think they should appear and provide a list of reference links for each image.4. **In a short paragraph:** explain the choices you made to improve the search results.5. Attach or upload your screenshot with your write-up.
## Assessment Criteria:
This assignment is graded as **Satisfactory, Needs Work, ****or **No Credit.**
To receive **Satisfactory**, all of the following must be present:
1. 1 paragraph that specifically invokes ideas from Bali and Brown’s reading and Caulfield’s videos to evaluate Google Image Search results.2. 1 paragraph that discusses the Google image search results for a relevant Minnesota history topic. The response should describe details observed in the images to identify and infer trends and patterns. Those details should be used to reinforce the points about what perspectives, regions, and people the images represent historically and how that presents a particular view of the historical period.3. A revised row of images for the search topic with reference links for each image.4. 1 short paragraph explaining the revised row of images and how they are an improvement.5. Ideas and quotations from the readings and videos must be attributed or cited either in-text or using parenthetical citations.6. Writing should be carefully spell-checked and use appropriate grammar.
**Needs Work** means that 1-2 of the assessment criteria are not fully complete. **No Credit** means that 2+ of the assessment criteria are incomplete or nothing is turned in for the Workshop.
Adapted from Bali and Brown, [Activity 4.7: Identify Bias in Google Searches](https://pressbooks.library.ryerson.ca/digcit/chapter/chapter-4-critical-approaches-to-digital-literad/).