Discuss the concept of identity, drawing on the course literature.

Reply to 2 classmates 200 words per replyWhen addressing each assigned topic, you must incorporate relevant ideas from at leasttwo of the required course texts in the thread. In each reply, extend the discussion by analyzing andbuilding upon your classmates’ or instructor’s ideas and reference at least one of the requiredcourse texts. Avoid repeating the same ideas across several posts. Threads and replies mustdemonstrate course-related knowledge and assertions must be supported by references in currentAPA format. Use of first person and single-spaced formatting is appropriate in Discussions, while
Schultze and Badzinski defined self-identity as the way we perceive ourselves and social identity as how others view us. Identity encompasses different roles and expectations regarding how to act in different social contexts. Discuss the concept of identity, drawing on the course literature. Analyze also the identity communication illustrated in each of the three video presentations in this module.
Videos –Check out hser508_m02_comm_scenario1_what_is_identity_of_self.wmv:https://cdnapisec.kaltura.com/index.php/extwidget/preview/partner_id/2167581/uiconf_id/39959791/entry_id/1_6118k7ng/embed/dynamic
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TEXTBOOKSAn Essential Guide to Interpersonal Communication, Quentin J. Schultze, Diane M. Badzinski , Chapters 3 -4
Why Don’t We Listen Better?, Communicating & Connecting in Relationships, James c. Petersen D.Min L.P.C, Chapter 1 – 7