Discuss pros and cons of the subject you are writing about.

The library website offers access to over 100 article databases(Academic Search, OneSearch,…) that can help you for researching your topic.You can use a variety of sources for investigating the subjectyou are interested in: books, magazines, newspaper/journal articles, …The final paper should be at least 10 pages long, double spaced,MLA format, include page numbers. If you wish to write longer, that is fine.
Reference pages do not count as part of the 10 pages.You should use at least 6 different sources/references.
Rough outline for the paper:– Introduction/overview of topic and issues to be discussed;– Background, description, and/or history of the issue;– What issues are involved; different points of view;– Your own comments/perspective ;– Summary;– List of references used;Discuss pros and cons of the subject you are writing about.If you have a formed opinion on the subject, present it andexplain how what ideas you have to resolving/improving the issue.Do not write a historical article, for ex. how DARPA wasdeveloped. You should have present a discussion.Please use your own words when writing. Plagiarism is severelypunished and reported to university authorities.Do not cut and paste from pre-written articles or copypreviously published articles.PDF is the paper and comment