Discuss if there were any limitations or problems in experimental technique or design and suggest improvements.

Word limit: no more than 2 pages.A scientific report generally includes four sections: an introduction, materials and methods, results and discussion. For this task, the materials and methods section will be provided to you as instructions and therefore, does notneed to be included. You should however include the other three sections followed by a list of references used as outlined below.
1-IntroductionThe introduction gives background information about the topic of the practical report,needed for the reader to understand the context and purpose of the experiment. You should begin by summarizing what is already known about the topic(therefore, the introduction will often need to include references).The introduction should then highlight how your research relatesto what has been done in the field before and clearly highlight the knowledge gap you are trying to fill (e.g. identify the SNP/s associated with a particular trait). You should end the introduction by clearly stating the hypothesis –what research question are you asking?and what you aim to achieve.Structure your introduction to answer the following threequestions:1. What is known about this topic?2. Whatwas the experiment performedand why?3. What was your hypothesis? (What was the research question you are trying to answer?)and what are your aims?
2-ResultsThis is the raw data and is best presented in the form of tables and graphs. Record your data intables and use the tabulated data to do the graphs.Alltables, graphs, figures etc. must have clear titles describing what each of them represent. If you choose toincludeany figures, theyshould be clearly annotated.All the graphaxes should be clearly labelled. You should then describe your results using your own words i.e. What do your tables, graphs, figures etc. represent? what were your main observations?(Manhatton plot gragh is in excel file)
3-Discussionand conclusionInthis section, you will interpret your results and discuss what they meanand relate the findings back to the research question you were asking at the beginning. You can use the guiding questions provided in the exercise to structure this section. Discuss if there were any limitations or problems in experimental technique or design and suggest improvements. You may also highlight the importance of your results and suggest what can be done to further improve our knowledge in the area.Conclude the section by summarising what your hypothesis and aims were and how your results relate back to them. Were you able to answer your question?
4-ReferencesThis is a list of the sources you consultedfor your reportand should be cited in-text in addition to the detailed list at the end of the document.