Discuss how public policy has allowed for mass incarceration, making the US the most carceral nation in the world.

TopicDiscuss how public policy has allowed for mass incarceration, making the US the most carceral nation in the world.ContentA successful paper will include the following criteria as it relates to the topic:The structure of your paper should have a good introduction that presents the topic of the paper and a good thesis statement.Describe and evaluate the correctional system’s current response to the thesis statement. The paper should include current policies utilized by corrections and probation that address the thesis statement.What are the Constitutional issues that arise in addressing your thesis? Examples include: Is mass incarceration/mandatory sentencing a violation of the 8th Amendment? 2. Does satellite based monitoring violate 4th Amendment rights?The paper should include references to rehabilitative goals of correction facilities and discuss whether or not those goals are in conflict with the thesis statement.The paper should identify and discuss the role of corrections in addressing the thesis statement.The conclusion should summarize the theme of the paper. Students are allowed at the end of the paper to give an opinion as to whether or not the solutions will be effective.Research and InformationIn completing your research paper, be mindful of the sources you obtain. Your information should come from peer reviewed articles, journals, or books. Sources should not be based upon opinion but instead from analysis and verified data. News and magazine articles, whether in print or digital format, may contain information that is not verified, opinion, or outright falsehoods. The library is an excellent source to find credible information from journals and books. Information collected by Google Scholar is also acceptable as the information is guaranteed from a peer reviewed source. You may use statistical data, charts, and spreadsheets to support your arguments throughout your paper. Your instructor will assist you in completing identifying credible sources of information.FormattingMust use APA standards in formatting and citing your paper.