Discuss about Business Plan for Hotel in Canada Vancouver BC, for Human Resources Management class.

Discuss about Business Plan for Hotel in Canada Vancouver BC, for Human Resources Management class. The Business plan paper worth 20% of total grade:You are a hospitality HR executive in a hypothetical newCanadian hospitality organization. Your main responsibility is to oversee HRstrategic planning. Create a name for your organization. To plan for long-termgrowth of your company, you have been tasked to build a business plan focusedon the below topics.Select any two for the focus of your business plan:1. Training and Development (Ch 7)2. Performance Management (Ch 8)3. Compensation and Incentive Rewards (Ch 9 & 10)4. Employee Benefits (Ch 11)5. Promoting Safety and Health (Ch 12)6. Employee Rights and Discipline (Ch 13)***Apply the concepts in the textbook*** This is a businessplan that you will need to present in a business environment to a group ofsenior executives. Your paper should be structured as follows:A. Professional Cover PageB. Overview of your organization: type of hotel, geography,size, org chart etc.C. Executive Summary – To be presented to the Executives andBoard of DirectorsD. Mission, Vision and Values a. Identify purpose and scopeand long-term directionE. External Analysisa. Assess opportunities and threats b. Conduct anenvironmental scanning c. Analyze the competitive environment (rivals, newentrants, suppliers, customers, substitutes) F. Internal Analysis a. Analyzeyour firms’ strengths and weakness keeping in mind that you are a new entrant
b. Analyze and present your firm’s core competenciesc. Analyze your firms’ resources: people, process andsystemsG. Strategy Formulation – two selected topics a. Develop astrategy for the two topics you selectedH. StrategyImplementation – two selected topics a. Design structure, systems and so onb. Allocate resources I. Evaluation – two selected topicsa. Benchmarking J. Conclusion and Recommendations K.Reference Page Instructions:• You will be graded on the written rubric provided onWebCampus.• 1,500 to 2,500 words using Microsoft Word. You will lose1% for every 10 words over or under the required word count. Your submissioninformation, title, and reference page do not count toward the limit.• Proper application of APA format. An APA guide has beenposted on WebCampus. All sources must be properly cited according to the APAformat, with a reference page.I want to divide 1600-1700 words for the paper here
Worth 10% of Grade is the presentationYou are presenting your plan to the executive committee teamat the annual strategic planning meeting. This means that there needs to bebuy-in from the executive team and the leaders of the organization to haveconfidence in your leadership. You are planning for the long-term growth ofyour brand. Your presentation should cover all the main points of your businessplan:• Mission, vision, values• External analysis• Internal analysis• Strategy Formulation• Strategy Implementation• Evaluation• Recommendations Be creative and enthusiastic with yourpresentation delivery.Instructions:• You will be graded on the oral communication rubricprovided on WebCampus.• A maximumpresentation time of 10 minutes. You will be stopped if your presentation goesover the 10-minute time allowed.• Wear business attire for your presentation.• Submit your presentation (PPT/any visuals) via WebCampus.• You presentation should have a reference slide at the end.100-200 for presentationYouNov 19, 10:57 AMManaging Human Resources Paperback – Feb. 20 2019by Monica Belcourt (Author), Parbudyal Singh (Author), Scott Snell (Author), Shad Morris (Author)
this is the author of the book that is uploaded on the pdf file for the business plan paper, please follow the instructions accordingly as this teacher is a perfectionist. She will review the Business plan only until November 23rd, so I want to show her a draft and to see how the paper is according to her. and if there’s needs to be anything updated I will let you know, paper is submitted the non draft one on December 5th with presentation. The draft of the paper is important because then I can tell you if it’s the right way or wrong etc.


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