Discovering Psychology


(1) What specific part of the video, the articles and the panel discussion did you find the most interesting? What parts of the video, the articles and panel discussion did you find yourself most in agreement with? Why would anyone risk their lives for others?

(2) Where would you want to push or challenge this video, these articles film or panel and any of the film’s, articles, or panel’s concepts? What would you do in you were put into any of the experiments’ place? How far would you go? Are great leaders born or are they developed? We all know that when we make decisions in groups, they don’t always go right — and sometimes they go very wrong. How can groups make good decisions?

(3) What are some of the points in the film and the panel discussion do you personally feel is the most important and why? Should there be in rules in combat? (In regard to the panel) or do we leave our ethics and our values behind when we go to war)


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