DIGITAL MARKETING AUDIT CAMILLA MKT302 Julia Kotujansky 136425 Table of Contents Section 1- The need for digital marketing 3 Section 2- Analysis of digital tools 5 Appendix 11 References 13 Section 1- The need for digital marketing Description of the brand Camilla is an Australian company founded by fashion designer Camilla Franks. The company is involved in selling clothes online across Australia. Camilla Franks founded the company in the year 2004 (, 2021). Along with women, men and kids clothing, the company’s product line extended to accessories such as belts, jewellery, bags, and others. Home accessories such as Bedsheets, cushions, Pet accessories are also listed in the company’s product line. According to the listed products, it can be determined that young aged men and women are the targeted customer for the company. The company’s site is listed with products that include a price range of $65 to $4,999. Identify the purpose of digital marketing The company Camila has several purposes behind conducting digital marketing. The first and foremost important purpose of digital marketing is increasing brand awareness. Brand Awareness: Brand awareness refers to the degree of consumer recognition of a brand (Bilgin 2018). Promotion works as the key element of brand awareness. Despite being an emerging market, the e-commerce sector is becoming highly competitive. A lot of brands involved in selling online clothes are already established in Australia such as PepperMayo, Billyj, TheIconic and others. Competing with these established brands is difficult. However, developing brand awareness about “Camilla” is possible through digital marketing. For the same purpose, the management team of Camilla has taken different digital marketing initiatives.Increase revenue: Every organization has some common objectives, out of which maximizing revenue is one of them. In recent times, purchasing behaviour among people has been dramatically changed due to the introduction of advanced technologies. As per the study by Qalati et al. (2019), online search has been considered as one of the vital parts of the purchase decision-making process. Until and unless a company optimizes the opportunities of the internet and other digital mediums it is difficult for organizations to reach their target audience. As companies will fail to reach out to the target audience, they will eventually fail to maximize the revenue. Being a small-scale company, Camilla needs to increase the revenue to recover the operational cost. As a result, the company has targeted prominent social media portals such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and YouTube to promote the brand.Increase visibility and trust: Brand awareness does not last long if a company fails to make it visible to people in an effective manner (Shaikh et al. 2018). According to a report, it has been found that 25.65% of females in Australia who belong to the age group of 25 to 34 are Instagram users. Similarly, 21.23% of males in Australia who belong to the same age group are Instagram users ( 2021). As Camilla’s target customer is young male and female, therefore, promoting the brand on Instagram has ensured higher visibility. Moreover, in recent times, people like to connect with brands over social media itself. The presence of the brand on different social media portals plays a vital role in ensuring customer trust. Camilla has performed digital promotions on different social media platforms to increase the visibility of the brand to their targeted customer and gain trust. Figure 1: Instagram users in Australia (Source:, 2021) Section 2- Analysis of digital tools In this section of the report, different digital marketing tools used by the company “Camilla” will be analysed. Suggestions based on the performance will be provided and lastly, for each tool, a rating would be provided. ToolHow is the tool being used by the brand?What is being done well?What could be improved?Rating out of 5 1= no to low levels of the tool being used effectively 5= the tool is being used highly effectivelySocial media marketing“Facebook”, “Instagram”, “Twitter”, “Pinterest”, and “YouTube” are five social media platforms used by the company. On Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter the company’s approach of performing promotional activities is quite common. They are involved in posting photos of clothes which have recently arrived at the store. Detailed explanations of each cloth and loos are being described in the posts. Models which are being used for the photos are being tagged. Lastly, some keywords are being used in form of hashtags such as #CamillaWithLove, #TimeTrippin and others. Videos of new accessories and clothes are being uploaded on YouTube for the purpose of digital marketing.Captions of each post are really impressive. Moreover, the quality of the images is quite good. From the perspective of the popularity of each social media account, it can be determined that the Instagram and Facebook accounts of the company are really successful. On Facebook, Camilla has more than 240K likes while on Instagram, the company has more than 395K followers.Despite having a huge audience base on Facebook and Instagram, the company has failed to engage with customers. On Facebook, Camilla has failed to get even 500 likes in any post for the last 2 months. Similar observations can be found on Instagram as well. In the last 10 posts on Instagram, only one photo has crossed the like range of 2,500. Here, the company should have made sponsored posts to reach the maximum possible audience.The company is really irregular on YouTube, as the last video was uploaded 8 months ago. Camilla must upload regular videos on YouTube and attach the URLs with the sponsored posts on other social media platforms.4Email marketingSome promotional emails are being sent to the registered customers of “” Information such as new arrivals, discount offers are being conveyed through the emails.Loyal customers of Camilla usually click on the emails. In case they find something useful, they place the order.The company must provide an exclusive discount coupon code or issue a free Camilla Gift Voucher code to repeat customers. These approaches help a company to retain their customers for a longer time.2Website designBeing an online business, Camilla’s website is designed in an effective manner. Under the shop drop-down menu, products under different categories have been listed. On the top right corner of the website, the search button, Wishlist and sign-in option are provided. A slideshow is being shown in the body of the website. In the below section of the website, clothes under different categories have been listed down. In the left bottom corner of the website, a chat box is there, through using this chat box option a person can connect with a customer representative of Camilla.Navigation in the site is pretty well and it’s familiar to other e-commerce sites, as a result, people who visit the website do not get confused. People easily find the product that they are looking for. Moreover, images showing on the website are really high quality which will resolve the confusion among people while buying a product.As high-quality images are uploaded to the site, each page takes longer than usual to open. It is highly recommended to Camilla that they must minimise the size by upscaling the images.4Search engine optimization“Camilla”, “Camilla dresses”, “Camilla kaftans”, “Camila clothing” are some of the keywords used by the company for the purpose of search engine optimization.Around 2,900 words used in the website are easy-to-rank keywords. Moreover, 335 keywords are increasing optimization opportunities for the company.The company has failed to rank itself in Google search when using keywords such as “Woman fashion”, “Buy women clothes online”, “Buy clothes Australia” and others. The company is not even ranking in the first two pages of google search. In order to deal with this issue, the management team of Camilla must hire SEO experts and make sure the company secures its position on the first page itself.3Search engine marketingNANANANAEmerging digital channelsNANANANA Table 1: Digital marketing audit Notes: Search engine marketing: Camilla is not using “Search engine marketing” in its digital marketing strategy. In the search engine marketing approach, a company gets the opportunity to promote the website effectively according to the search result (Bhandari and Bansal, 2018). Camilla should conduct Search engine marketing and mark the company’s location on google map. Moreover, all social media accounts must be linked with the google map. Working hours, contact number, Email ID must be provided with the marked google map. Emerging digital channels: Camilla has not adopted emerging digital channels such as TikTok, WhatsApp Business, Bot Messaging for improving their business. In recent times, businesses are getting more flexible. In such situations, Camilla must opt for these digital channels and solve customer’s queries through WhatsApp Business and Bot messages. Moreover, upload videos on TikTok to reach out to the maximum possible consumer. Appendix Social media posts (Source: (Source: Website Design (Source: Search Engine optimisation (Website Traffic analysis) (Source: References 2021. The story of Camilla. Available at: [Accessed on 22th August, 2021] Bhandari, R.S. and Bansal, A. 2018. Impact of search engine optimization as a marketing tool. Jindal Journal of Business Research, 7(1), pp.23-36. Bilgin, Y. 2018. The effect of social media marketing activities on brand awareness, brand image and brand loyalty. Business & Management Studies: An International Journal, 6(1), pp.128-148. Qalati, S.A., Yuan, L.W., Iqbal, S., Hussain, H.H.R.Y. and Zhenjiang, J 2019. Quality of Services and Satisfaction of Customer: Mediated by Consumer Buying Decision. European Journal of Business and Management, 11(12), pp.148-158. Shaikh, A.A., Glavee-Geo, R., Tudor, A.G., Zheng, C. and Karjaluoto, H. 2018. Social network brand visibility (SNBV): Conceptualization and empirical evidence. In Emerging issues in global marketing (pp. 149-178). Springer, Cham. 2021. Breakdown of Instagram users in Australia in 2020, by age and gender. Available at: [Accessed on 22th August, 2021]