Did the author(s) address issues related to diversity?

Journal Article ReviewFor this assignment, each student will read and write about one journal article, this constitutes 20% of the final grade.Please copy and paste the following questions (only the bold parts, and be sure tobold the questions – Q&A format):Summarize the article.(Not to exceed 200 words—include 1-2 lines describing the study’s conclusions.)Who were the study participants and what type of procedure did they undergo?Did the author(s) address issues related to diversity? (Diversity includes but is not limited to socio-economic status, age, ethnicity, gender, disability, educational level, etc. Please focus on 2-3 of these points—they should be relevant in the context of the article.)If so, how did they do so?If not, do you view this as a limitation?Did the author(s) apply a theoretical approach to their understanding ofpsychology?If so, which one and how? (Examples include but are not limited to: developmental, cognitive, psychodynamic, evolutionary, etc.)If not, do you view this as a limitation?What research design did the author(s) employ?What type of statistical analysis did the author(s) run?Describe two of the study’s strengths and two of its limitations.If you could carry out a similar study, what would you do differently? (Beconcrete and realistic; most researchers have limited budgets and time- constraints.)What format should I follow?This assignment is NOT a traditional APA paper (as such, no cover page and no running head, etc. is needed). You will simply answer questions based on your assigned journal article. The assignment cannot exceed 3 pages, excluding references and a self-editing checklist (double-spaced, 12-point Times New Roman font with one-inch margins). Points will be deducted if the assignment is over 3 pages. Grammar and spelling will count; please edit your work carefully before handing in the assignment.


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