development activity: discussions board writing/ rebuttals writing

Development Activity: Collective Discussions and Rebuttal Writing: After the critical reading of the “Introduction” and attentive watching of General Electric Ecoimagination, and What is Sustainability on YouTube, write 1-page synopsis (critical summary) of the “Introduction”: make sure your synopsis comprises a simple introduction paragraph with THESIS emphasis on the concept of Eco-Imagination and Sustainability; Then develop your synopsis showing why this Eco-Imagination text Introduction is a Trilogy (search for this literary word in the dictionary), and explain briefly the learning interest of each part of the trilogy. This activity is graded 5% of the total aggregate percentage of the course and should be posted on the Canvas Discussions board on Sunday, September 4, and Rebuttals due on Monday, September 5. The 5% grade is broken into: 3% for the paper writing proper, and 2% for at least one paragraph of a critical rebuttal on a peer’s synopsis on the Discussions board. On Canvas Discussions Board, everyone will see my grading feedback, and revise the paper if you score less than 90%. The purpose is to train toward acquiring the writing skills we need for the communication segment of the course