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Assessment Task 1: Part A and B: Develop a Professional Development Process The following assessment tasks use a simulated business called Complete Business Solutions Australia (CBSA). For this assessment you will play the role of Glenda Williams, Human Resources Manager for CBSA. CBSA is a consultancy service providing assistance with compliance, finances, human resources, information technology and other business needs to ensure that businesses have the expertise and support they need to survive and prosper.   Task summary There are two parts to this task:In Part A, you will be undertaking a self-evaluation using the self-evaluation form provided here:Assess 1 Part A Self Evaluation FORM_ V2 112020.docxIn Part B, you will be updating professional development policy and procedures using this template:Policy & Procedure Template V1.1 Nov2020.docxUpload your cover sheet separately:   Assessment Task 1 Cover Sheet BSBLDR511.docx Resources and equipment required to complete this task: Access to a computer, the Internet, and a web browserAccess to a word processorProfessional Development Plan templateProfessional Development Policy and Procedure360-degree Feedback Form When and where will this task be completed? This task will be done in your own time as homeworkDue date WEDNESDAY 23rd December 2020 What happens if I get something wrong? If you get something wrong you will need to resubmit that part of the task that has not been completed correctly or fully. Your assessor will provide you with guidance as to what needs to be resubmitted and how. Part A – Complete Self-evaluation Form To begin this part read the following email, and then complete the task that follows:   To: Glenda Williams ([email protected]) From: Gavin Stead ([email protected]) Date/time: Monday 11:30 AM Subject: High Staff Turnover   Attachment: Strategic Plan Overview.docx, Staff Turnover Analysis.docx Good morning Glenda, Last year we had an unacceptable turnover of staff members, and this has affected our ability to reach our strategic goals for this coming year. I have attached these for your review along with analysis of our staff turnover. Some of the reasons for our staff leaving are intolerable. We need to ensure that the emotional intelligence needs of our staff are understood and improved. It’s important that we improve their wellbeing while at work, which hopefully will increase morale and lead to a more productive workforce. Ensuring the emotional wellbeing and improvement of our employees is of primary importance. If we do this correctly, we help maximise the chances of CBSA achieving its workplace outcomes and strategic objectives. A primary focus of this process should be given to identifying improvement opportunities both for the individual and that of the workforce team. This should include an opportunity for employees is to identify their own emotional strengths, weaknesses, and other workforce behaviour indicators so they can undertake self-evaluation of these. I would like you to look into this process by developing a form that can be used by the employees for this process. Once developed, I would like you to use this on yourself to ensure that you are happy with its design, before it is formalised into the updated Professional Development Policy & Procedures. Kind regards Gavin SteadGeneral Manager 300 Fictional Way, Sydney, NSW 2000 Phone: 1800 111 222 (Links to an external site.) Documents for review: (2) Mission statement: ‘Helping businesses to help themselves.’ Vision statement: ‘To become Australia’s largest business advocate.’ Core values Our commitment is to: Implement innovation and excellence  Provide ways to help customers grow so they are successful  Empower and inspire our customers  Behave honestly and with respect for all individuals  Act professionally with our customers and each other Continually pursue new knowledge and share this openly with others Strategic plan 2020-2021 Strategic objectives for this year include: Acquiring five new clients per month Maintain 90% retention rate of our existing customers Grow our business financially by 25%  Implement three new services for our clients Grow our workforce to support new services and expected growthStaff Turnover Analysis For the previous year: At the start of the year there were 29 employees At the end of the year there were 29 employees There were six employees that left throughout the year Annual staff turnover ratio: 6 / 29 * 100 = 20.69% Reasons for leaving for the 6 employees were given as follows: Low pay – got a higher paying job at a competitor High workload expectations – feeling overwhelmed and stressed Feeling undervalued and not being listened to by management Job did not meet expectations Growth opportunities not available Bullying in the workplace Assessment 1 – PART A In this task, you are to undertake a self-evaluation of your emotional intelligence. You should evaluate your emotional intelligence based on past/current workforce experiences, or of your educational studies if you have not worked previously. Using the form attached: Record two emotional intelligence strengths and weaknesses that you believe you possessRecord two personal stressors in your workplace/studies that adversely impact on your health and well-beingRecord two potential triggers in workplace situations (triggers that provoke an intense reaction within yourself when they occur)Record two possible ways in which you could change your actions in order to better manage your emotionsUsing your answers to the above points, reflect on how you might develop your own emotional intelligence and improve the weaknesses you identified.You should review the completed self-evaluation form, and then use the internet or other appropriate resources to determine appropriate personal/professional development activities that you could attend to improve your emotional intelligence. Part B – Update Policy and Procedures To begin this part read the following email, and then complete the task that follows:   To: You From: Gavin Stead ([email protected]) Date/time: Tuesday 5:08PM Subject: Policy and Procedures Update To You, Now that you have developed the self-evaluation form and tested its use, I want you to formalise this into an updated Professional Development Policy & Procedure. I would like staff performance to be reviewed twice a year – once to initiate the plan, and then a review stage. The process is to include ensuring that the self-evaluation is undertaken prior to initiating the plan, and then discussing this self-evaluation in line with formally allocating work, monitoring and measuring performance, and planning learning and development activities. Can you please send me an updated Professional Development Policy & Procedure for review when you have updated it? Kind regards Gavin SteadGeneral Manager 300 Fictional Way, Sydney, NSW 2000 Phone: 1800 111 222 (Links to an external site.) In this task, you are to review the email as well as the current Professional Development Policy & Procedure Template here: Policy & Procedure Template V1.1 Nov2020.docx Then, using a word processor, modify the word document version to ensure that it covers: The purpose of the policy.To whom the policy applies.Number of times a year that a performance review is to occur for each employee.Simple step-by-step procedures for organising and conducting the performance review meeting. This should include a self-evaluation step prior to the meeting and include documenting the meeting and providing feedback.As needed research and review appropriate policy and procedure writing tips and formats to ensure you are completing this correctly. Templates used in the process – you can refer to the self-evaluation form you developed previously