Develop a change plan in order to develop your organization with covenant leadership principles.

RESEARCH PAPER: NARCISSISTIC LEADERSHIP ASSIGNMENT INSTRUCTIONSOVERVIEWSome say that narcissistic leaders and narcissistic leadership, albeit annoying to subordinates,gets the work of the organization done. Others say that the damage done by narcissistic leadersand leadership creates an unethical environment that is virtually irreparable. Here are somethings to consider. What is narcissistic leadership? What are a narcissistic leader’s traits? Whatare the organizational benefits and pitfalls of a narcissistic leader? Study covenant leadership.What is covenant leadership? What are the traits of a covenant leader?INSTRUCTIONSFor this research paper, compare and contrast the traits of a narcissistic leader with that of acovenant leader. What is the organizational impact of a narcissistic leader and a covenant leader?o Imagine that you were a recently appointed chief of police in a large local policeorganization where the former police chief was not only a narcissistic leader butalso promulgated narcissistic leadership qualities throughout all levels ofleadership within the department. Develop a change plan in order to develop your organization with covenant leadershipprinciples.o Specifically, how would you do this in a police organization? Detail changes inthe organization’s mission, small changes you may make, large changes you maymake, and the potential pitfalls and successes you may realize.Write a research paper on this subject that is not less than 8–10 pages in current APA format.The page count does not include the title page, abstract, reference section, or any extra material.In order to incorporate a solid Christian worldview, you must use 10–15 sources with at least 1source being the Holy Bible.Acceptable sources include course textbooks and scholarly articles published within the last fiveyears from the Jerry Falwell Library.