Describe what you would do if you were recruiting employees for your organization.

Writing assignments in this class assess learning by letting students demonstrate how they gained further insight about an HRM concept, while applying the concept to their personal/professional life experience. Written responses must be tied to themes/ideas in the chapters assigned. Most assignments take several paragraphs to answer and must meet a minimum 500 word count for the assignment to be accepted. Student writing is the best way to assess a student’s learning, so a great deal of focus will be on these assignments in comparison to other assigned work in the course (55% of your grade). Assignments are graded by rubric (attached), and grades are posted in e-Campus.
A well-written journal entry should include:
• A brief explanation of the course concept being discussed (imagine your audience does not know about it),
• A logical and useful organization of ideas,
• An adequate tie-in to the text,
• A full answer to the writing prompt,
• A personal/professional connection to the course concept (no more than half of the document), and
• AT LEAST 500 words (I can tell when they are just filler words).
Please note: Half of the document should be your explanation of the concept (in your words) and half should be you connecting this concept to your own life/work experience.

Review your syllabus about how to complete written assignments and look over the rubric before you start. Written assignments are worth 55% of your grade. So, this is the most important thing you do in this class (by a lot!).

In chapter 5, we discussed employee recruitment sources and considerations. First, describe a couple of these sources of employees and why they could be useful. Describe what you would do if you were recruiting employees for your organization. Lay it out for me, how would you go about finding them? From what source(s) would you try to draw from? Lastly, tell me if you think you would like this kind of work and why you might be qualified.

The more complete your answer and the more tie-ins to what we have learned in this class so far, the higher your score on this assignment. Generic responses get generic grades, yeah? Show me that you can think critically about this material. Go beyond to see higher point scores. Also, don’t forget to use citations for anything you pull directly from another source (style of citation doesn’t matter, APA, MLA, etc.)

Final Note: remember 1/2 of your response is should be an explanation of the constructs and what you found, the other 1/2 should be your personal connections with these ideas. Also, submit as PDF or Word document.