Describe two aspects of parenting that vary/differ between one family and another.

How does parenting vary between families?Describe two aspects of parenting that vary/differ between one family and another Aspects of parenting (values, choices, views on emotions, caregiving style, discipline style, technology use, communication, etc.) have an influence on children’s developmentWhat factors influences/bring about this variation? Choose one aspect out of the two and discuss two factors that influence it Factors include, one’s culture, child’s temperament, gender (of a child or parent), child’s developmental stage etc..Discuss two ways in which the aspect you chose in B influences various child outcomes How do these differences in parenting result in developmental differences in children (attachment security, well-being, behavior, emotional development, skills, academic success, etc.)? (name the specific things that vary in parents that science has linked to differences in children’s well-being & development)
2-3 pages, double-spaced, 12pt fontUse the science of human development/ parenting as evidence and reference your sources at least three times.Be clear about where information and ideas are coming from by using in-text citations (e.g., Brooks, 2013, pp. 32; Eddie Guest Lecture on Ethnic-RacialSocialization, January 24, 2022, slide 4)Have subheadingsInclude a full reference/bibliography at the endTitle page, not needed but recommendedTitle and reference pages do not count towards page count