Describe the research that supports why your goals are important and why your project will help reach the goals/outcomes.

Had to write a proposal, and this was the assignment for that

Your name and the title of your project
An introduction that explains what educational problem you will be addressing and why. This should include statistics/evidence for what makes this issue a problem.
Background about what group you will be targeting (this should be related to the educational problem you are addressing, e.g. race, age, class, gender, sexual orientation).
A brief explanation of how you would propose to solve the problem.

down below is my essay to those questions.

Private Schools: Are they only available to the wealthy? Introduction
If we take a look at history, we will never not know about slavery and segregation. African Americans spent 100 years segregated from White people. Although a law was put into effect that allowed African Americans to have the same right as White people, did segregation really end? In an article it is recorded that Blacks are the highest race that suffer from poverty putting them in the lower class. (Bureau, 2021) When you take a look at schooling, there almost seems to be a segregation between the upper class and the lower class. Public school is offered to everyone because it is essentially “free”. Private schooling is offered to people as well but it is not free. Private schools can actually cost a pretty penny, with the average cost being about 18,000 a year. Which ultimately gives the lower class people no option except to send their child to public school. Looking at statistics of races enrolled in private schools, about 67% are White, 11% were Hispanic and 9% were Black, etc. (Is there a lack of diversity in private schools? – US news & world report) Now when you look at statistics of private school education vs. public school education there are proven records that indicate private schools lead to higher scores, and this is because when you attend private school you are initially put into smaller learning groups. “According to a 2015 National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) report, the average private school had 166 as compared to the 526 students hosted by the average public school. While these numbers may not seem immediately beneficial, they translate to an incredibly favorable student/teacher ratio.” (Martin, 2022) The issue that should be addressed is finding ways that public schools can have the same access to the resources that private schools have. The graduation rate for private schools are a lot higher that the graduation rates for public schools. You see almost every day in articles and posts on social media from parents saying that the public schools are failing their children. How are we supposed to stop the system from failing our children when you have 1 teacher up against hundreds of students. Where does that teacher find the time to invest their attention to each and every student? Will the world ever hold Blacks and Whites on the same level? Were “equal” but are we really equal. Better education is being offered to those who are considered high class because they can afford it. So essentially keep making the rich, richer and the poor, poorer. There has got to be a way that everyone in schools get the same treatment, public or private whether that be extra one on one time with their teachers, finding ways that fit their learning style, etc. etc. Education is very important and helps you become more successful in life. I believe that we can fix the broken public school system if we were to focus on smaller class sizes so that everyone can get the attention and focus that is needed to succeed. This could also be easily solved if money could stop playing the main role in what will determine a successful future for someone. If private schools were funded through tax payers like public schools are, I think that the lower class and other races that aren’t White would be able to receive the education that best suites them.
In conclusion, I don’t exactly know what could be done about race/class in schooling. I feel like there is always going to be a divide in social class, a divide in races and a divide in education. We can only hope to try and improve public schooling to follow in private schooling footsteps and maybe then everyone could be offered the same schooling that fits their learning style. School is what shapes our future and if we want to see people of color succeed like White people, then Blacks and Hispanics should be offered the same education.

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Is there a lack of diversity in private schools? – US news & world report. (n.d.). Retrieved September 3, 2022, from
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Final project is what is needed and these are the instructions

1. Title page, with title of project and your name (1 page, but this does not count toward your 10-12 pages)
2. Overview, Background & Justification of Project/Discussion of Related Research (3-4 pages)

Describe your project
Describe WHY you chose to propose this project
Discuss HOW it addresses/relates to inequality and diversity
SUMMARIZE the research that supports your project and justifies the need for your project
3. Description of targeted group (half-1 page)

Who are you targeting and why?
Grades/ages, SES level, racial ethnic background, etc.
4. Goals & Desired Outcomes (1-2 pages)

What are your intended goals and outcomes? Be sure these relate to the educational problem you are addressing.
Describe the research that supports why your goals are important and why your project will help reach the goals/outcomes
Goals and outcomes should be specific, and should clearly relate to equity in education
5. Description of your proposed solution (3-4 pages)

Be specific about the elements of your solution, use research articles to justify why you think your proposed solution will work,
6. List all your references, APA style

My research questions were
Research questions:
Does social class determine how a person gets an education?
Does social class effect the outcome of someone’s life?
Does social class cause inequality?
Do upper class people get a better option at an education?
Are their easier resources regarding education for people in a higher class?

I was told to pick one question and stick to that so any of those are okay to choose from.