Describe the prejudice and discrimination this community experiences as it relates to access and utilization of health services.

Heath Care Needs AssessmentOverviewA needs assessment is an intensive exploration of the way things currently are and the way they can or should be in order to fill gaps in services.Conducting a needs assessment is a process of investigating a population to assess the state of current resources. It assists in determining if there is a need for a particular program or service and what type of content should be included.ScenarioThe following scenario lays out a typical setting where a needs assessment could be a logical next step. If your own organization aligns well with this scenario, use data from your professional setting. If your organization does not serve the transgender population, identify an organization that does.Your department within the community center where you work wants to develop a new program/intervention for the increasing transgender population in the area, but organizational leaders are not certain if the need for this is great enough. You have been asked to conduct a needs assessment and report back to them the following information prior to moving forward with any programs or interventions:Collect trend data about a target population or community.Indicate the needs that are being met and the resources that exist.Determine the needs that are not being addressed.Identify recommendations/next steps based on the results of a needs assessment.Additional RequirementsLength: 2 to 5 pages.Formatting: Arial or Times New Roman, 12 point. Use headings/subheadings for each component. You may use the sample report as a template.Resources: Cite sources in text and include a reference page (APA format).part 2 Sexuality and Sexual Orientation Issues in Health CareRead the Alencar Albuquerque et al. (2016) article, which is in the resource section below. Describe the prejudice and discrimination this community experiences as it relates to access and utilization of health services.Support your position with resources and appropriate APA formatting and citations.


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