Describe the pathogenesis, disease manifestation, symptoms, diagnosis, and impact of the disease on the individual.

Section 1. Identify the schizophrenia disease.
Section 2. Characteristics of the Disease. Describe the pathogenesis, diseasemanifestation, symptoms, diagnosis, and impact of the disease on the individual. In 2 paragraphs, 4 sentences each.
Section 3. Risk factors. Please describe the currently known risk factors (or exposures/determinants) for this disease. If none are known, is there an indication that there is stilla lot that needs to be determined about the factors leading to the disease
Section 4. Prevention of the disease. Please describe two current preventive measures that are inplace for the disease in 2 paragraphs of roughly 4-5 sentences in each paragraph. Thesecan be what is recommended to prevent the disease, or ways in which to prevent theprogression of the disease once someone has been afflicted with it.
Section 5. Surveillance. Please list the surveillance efforts for the disease. You mayconsider exploring major reports national health reports such as Healthy People2020/2030, MMWR, BRFSS, National Notifiable Diseases Surveillance System. Also in 1-2 paragraphs.
Section 6. Prevalence and/or incidence. Please identify the prevalence and incidencerates of the disease. Note any trends indicating, an increase or decrease in the numbersof those affected. Identify the morbidity and mortality patterns. Also, please indicateany disparities or inequalities in rates amongst certain groups of people.
Section 7. Emerging Research: Please note any current research that is exploringdifferent dynamics about the disease process, risk factors, and/or treatment modalitiesthat may improve how this disease is prevented or controlled.
Section 8: One interesting fact
Section 9: References


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