Describe The Company’s audit committee and its duties.

The primary purpose of this case is to help you become familiar with the content of filings that publiccompanies (“Registrants”) make with the Securities and Exchange Commission. As a public accountantyou’ll need to be very well versed in all accounting and auditing matters since in the eyes of the SEC, theindependent registered public accounting firm is considered “Expert” in accounting and auditing.
To successfully complete this case you will need to search for TESLA INC’s filings at and analyze the most recently filed Annual Report – Form 10 K (which for many companies will most likely be for the year ended December 31, 2019 filing date will bebetween January-March 2020) and the Proxy Statement – Form DEF 14A (usually filed between March –May 2018). In preparing your case please include the exact source of the information for eachquestion. (For example – Form 10 K, Item 1, page #).
1. Briefly describe the company, the location of its corporate headquarters, its business, and at least threerisk factors along with their possible impact on the Company if it does not successfully manage theserisks. Why would auditors want to know about their clients’ business-related risks?
2. Describe The Company’s audit committee and its duties. Review the audit committee’s report anddescribe its primary concerns. Who is the designated financial expert on the audit committee? Does thedesignation as only one individual as a financial expert seem adequate for the complexity of TheCompany and the requirements of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act? Please explain.
3. Who is the auditor for The Company? What were the fees charged for audit services for each of the lasttwo fiscal years (2017 and 2018)? What were the type and amounts of other fees for services for each ofthe last two fiscal years? Do you believe the non-audit services provided by the auditor mightcompromise their independence, or perception of independence? Why?
4. The Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 requires principal executive officers of publicly traded companies tosign certain certifications in the annual report and also in the quarterly reports. Name each certificationreport in the annual report (hint – this might be a separate exhibit under the 10-K filing). What is thename and title of the executive officer who signed each of the certification reports? Why do you thinkCongress felt that it was necessary to require executive officers to sign such certifications?


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