Describe the background and the significance of the clinical need identified which the solution intends to fulfill.

Rehabilitative and Assistive Engineering
Where questions require you to provide diagrams,illustrations or equations, you would need to use the drawing tools or equationeditor from your software. You need to make sure that your diagrams are clearlyillustrated and labelled with clear reference to the specific question thatthey are meant for.
PRESENTATION OF REPORTWhen preparing your assignment, you should take care in theconstruction, layout, and clarityof your answers. This will aid your tutor during marking,but more importantly it should helpyou to formulate a better answer. A portion of your markswill depend on how you present youranswers. Hence, you would do well to express your thoughtsin logical sequence, minimisegrammatical mistakes, and present your answers in ways thatare clear and easy to read (e.g. intables where appropriate). Some specific guidelines when youprepare your assignment reportsare:
 Have a clearstructure, introduction, main body, discussion and conclusion with separatesection headings where appropriate; Write in a clear and concise style; Substantiate your statements with relevant information ordata; and Cite all references properly with surname of the authorand the year of publication, such as(Smith, 2005), or [1].
Prepare a project proposal which involves an invention of anovel 3D-printed robotic finger for thumb amputees. Your proposal must includethe following sections.
Question 1 (10 marks)AbstractIn no more than 300 words, concisely describe the specificaims, hypotheses, methodology andapproach of the project proposal including its importance tothe furtherance of biomedicalproduct development with clinical significance. The abstractmust be self-contained so that itcan serve as an accurate description of the project proposalunderstood by a non-scientific/medical audience.
Question 2 (20 marks)Background and clinical needThis section should be prepared by answering the followingquestions. Keep the write-up tonot more than 500 words.(a) Provide a title of proposal.(b) Describe the background and the significance of theclinical need identified which thesolution intends to fulfill.(c) Demonstrate knowledge of the existing assistivetechnologies (AT) based on the currentsolutions and their shortcomings. .(d) What is needed to address the problem?(e) Discuss the requirements of proposed solution.
Question 3 (50 marks)Description of the inventionDesign an appropriate assistive technology (AT) device.Illustrate the invention by answering thefollowing questions. Keep the write-up to not more than1,500 words.(a) Evaluate the need and rationale of developing theproposed solution.(b) Formulate the methods/approach and components of thesolution, and discuss how itworks.(c) Indicate direct competitors. How is the proposedsolution better than existingtechnologies/product/service?
Question 4 (20 marks)Intellectual property managementDevelop a clear intellectual property (IP) plan goingforward with the ultimate objective ofgenerating and enhancing the IP. Keep the write-up no more500 words.(a) Provide the relevant background IP for the proposedsolution.(b) Briefly describe any possibility of IP generated fromthe solution.(c) Examine how the IP is filed.List of references used