Describe Kant’s line of reasoning in which he arrives at the Categorical Imperative.

Describe Kant’s line of reasoning in which he arrives at the Categorical Imperative. What does this imply that all agents must have access to? Is this a reasonable constraint on moral agency and moral decision-making? Additionally,consider the Case of the Inquiring Murder once more. Provide a scenario in which it would be in accordance with the laws of your country to tell the Inquiring Murder which waythe victim went. Describe how this might be in accordance with the Categorical Imperative.
The paper must be in Mla format with Intext citations.


Selecting the right person for an open position requires an analysis of all of the aspects of an applicant, including his or her past experience (knowledge, skills, and education), his or her application and resume, and the interview responses.As a human resources recruiter, discuss with the hiring managers the importance of selecting the best candidates in your industry for the positions listed below. Be sure to consider matching the needs and culture of the organization. Create a PowerPoint presentation of at least 4 slides (with 200-250 words of speaker notes per slide) plus title and reference slides that addresses the following:Provide a recommendation for the set of steps to be used in the recruitment process of a customer service representative for a streaming TV provider.What members of the organization will be involved in the recruitment process and what are their roles in the process?Discuss 3 types of interviews and give examples of each type. Which type will you use when interviewing the customer service representative?Develop a 4 interview questions that you would ask the customer service representative in the interview. Provide a mixture of questions and describe why you believe each type of question is important.

Heat, Light and Sound in Construction

disaster recovery Testing and Maintenance


Megatrends, Coca-cola and Ikea

Protection of Refugees in International Law

Why is art necessary? Why does art matter

Eyewitness Testimony Research: how does misinformation, and false memories created by traumatic events, affect eyewitness testimony?

Do you ever read a horoscope or your personal astrology report?” So now we can see that the variable is about if the respondent reads their horoscope.

Examine your team’s challenge (available in the Module). Take a few minutes to think about it. How do you wish to tackle this problem?