Describe in depth, your character’s behaviors, signs and, symptoms which indicate mental illness.

ou will be writing a scholarly movie paper which will be due on Sunday at 11:59 pm of week 8. The papershould be no less than three pages and double-spaced. You should be using your text book for DSM-V criteriaand find two supporting, evidence-based research articles to support your position. The criteria for the paperwill be as follows:For this paper, you will select and watch one of the movies listed below. As you are watching, you shouldchoose a character who best meets the DSM-V criteria for mental illness. After you watch the movie, youshould look for additional evidence-based research to support or refute Hollywood’s portrayal of thecharacter’s mental illness. You must use APA format to cite and reference. Your paper should contain a coverpage and a reference page. Abstracts are not required, writing in first person is expected.1. In your introduction, summarize the movie’s context and your point of view about the mental illnessdemonstrated by the character you have chosen. Name your character in your introduction. You do nothave to choose a character with a leading role in the movie.2. Describe in depth, your character’s behaviors, signs and, symptoms which indicate mental illness. For eachbehavior, sign and symptom you notice provide an example of where you saw this in the movie.What mental illness do you suspect your character has? Provide your understanding of DSM-V criteria forthe selected mental health disorder as it applies to the character. You must provide examples from themovie. Use one of your articles to support your suspicion.4. Is the Hollywood portrayal of the mental health disorder accurate? Demonstrate why or why not bycomparing and contrasting the DSM-V criterion to the Hollywood portrayal of your character. Use one ofyour articles to support or refute the Hollywood portrayal of your character.5. Choose an appropriate nursing diagnosis for your character with a realistic outcome and four applicableinterventions including appropriate medications.6. In your conclusion, describe how the movie made you feel when considering a client who has mentalillness. Did the movie provide you with any additional understanding or ideas on how to care for suchclients? Why or why not?