Describe how your shift in thinking may impact you in your future personal, academic, and/or professional life.

Develop knowledge of human behavior, including learning, cognition, and human development or cultural or social frameworks/theories that explore and compare issues and characteristics of individuals, groups, communities, or cultures.Use tools, approaches, and skills from the Social & Behavioral Sciences to analyze and interpret issues.Understand diverse perspectives and groups.
Psychology Writing AssignmentPurposeThe aim of this assignment is to explore questions you have about a topic, including how it relates to a group, culture, orcountry different from yours. You will build your awareness of diversity and the importance of inclusivity, which are keycomponents of this Guaranteed Transfer (GT) Pathways course. Identify a topic from this course or choose from a pre-approved list of topics. Complete and return the provided Writing Assignment Worksheet before the deadline set by your instructor.Please note this worksheet must be completed before this Writing Assignment can be submitted. To complete your paper, you will need to use at least — sources (minimum of 4). One of your sources must be froma peer-reviewed journal. The other(s) must also be scholarly sources (i.e., from a website ending in .edu or .gov).Additional sources, such as books, documentaries, newspaper articles, etc., may be used. Your immersionexperience can serve as one of your required sources for your paper. Please do not use Wikipedia, a blog, oran encyclopedia as one of your cited scholarly sources. However, these might help provide you with some basicinformation and directions for your research as you begin your investigation. You will need to use American Psychological Association (APA) citation style. The elements of APA format neededfor the assignment include 1-inch margins, 12-point font, double spacing, in-text citations, and a reference page.Please note an abstract and running header are not necessary. In-text citations are required every time you share information learned from a source (i.e., journal article, website,book, peer, instructor, etc.). Your own original ideas do not require in-text citations.Type your responses to the following in the provided template without altering or removing any section headings. Explain the Issue (300-400 words): Describe the topic you have chosen to explore. Why is it important to considerthis topic? What do you hope to learn? Share your research questions ( 3-4 research questions). Your researchquestions should allow you to explore the topic in a group, culture, or country different than your own. Examine Assumptions (300-400 words): Review your Writing Assignment Worksheet. What assumptions wereidentified about the topic? What was the origin of these assumptions? In other words, what helped to shape them? Research Summary (300-400 words): Provide a summary of what you have learned regarding your selected topic,and specifically address what you have learned about your research question(s). Examine Perspectives (300-400 words): Review the relevant psychological perspectives provided by your instructor.Compare and contrast at least two perspectives. Identify the strengths and weaknesses of each perspective.Describe how each can be applied in explaining your selected topic. Self-Awareness (300-400 words): During your research, were you confronted with information that causedyou to reexamine assumptions surrounding your topic? Please elaborate. What insights have you gainedabout your thinking, behavior, attitudes, or beliefs? How has your thinking about this topic shifted? Describe howyour shift in thinking may impact you in your future personal, academic, and/or professional life. Establish a Conclusion (300-400 words): What conclusions have you made regarding your topic and researchquestions? What new questions have emerged as a result of your research? What future research is needed on thistopic, and why?Checklist I selected a topic that is directly tied to material covered in this course. I submitted the Writing Assignment Worksheet before beginning this assignment. I conducted the research necessary to fully answer all prompts. I reviewed the relevant perspectives in psychology. I used the minimum number of approved sources (instructor provide guidelines). I met the word count guidelines for each section. I used the Purdue Owl Website to understand how to properly use APA format in my in-text citations and referencepage. I asked someone to review my paper and provide me with feedback. I reviewed the assignment instructions, checklist, and grading guidelines before turning in my paper. I contacted my instructor for clarification if I had questions about this assignment.