Describe how the nominee’s actions have addressed a need (such as: economic growth, a community need, advancement in a profession or field of study, as applicable).

How to write a compelling nomination: Explain why your nominee deserves the award by addressing questions listed under each of the nomination criteria:Need: demonstrate how the nominee fulfilled a needo Describe how the nominee’s actions have addressed a need (such as: economic growth, a community need,advancement in a profession or field of study, as applicable).Impact: demonstrate how the nominee made a significant impacto Describe how the nominee’s actions have made a meaningful impact in their community; what the nominee’sefforts accomplished; how the nominee’s achievements continue to make an impact; who has benefitted from thenominee’s actions and achievements; or why the nominee’s actions were important.Contribution: demonstrate the duration, level of contribution, and outcomes of the contributiono Describe how the nominee contributed by committing their time; how long the nominee has been makingcontributions; or why the nominee’s contributions are valued.Leadership: demonstrate how the nominee has served as a role modelo Describe how the nominee has shown leadership, taken initiative, and provided opportunities; what actions thenominee took to display leadership potential; or how the nominee is an inspiration to others.Originality: demonstrate how the nominee’s creativity or innovation provided unique problem solving skillsto a solutiono Describe how the nominee has made a difference in their field; what innovative practices the nominee hasdeveloped or utilized; or why the nominee’s achievements are notable, special or unique. Include evidence and clear/specific/concrete examples. Avoid repeating the same specific stories or details. Be as precise as possible, and include meaningful descriptions (note that text boxes are limited to 2,000 characters).How to complete the nominee Confirmation and Consent form:The nominee must consent to the Alberta Newcomer Recognition Awards to collect, share, and disclose information related tothe nomination. Carefully read the Confirmation and Consent form with your nominee. Have nominee check all the boxes next to the declarations confirming consent and include their name and date onthe form.o Trouble opening PDF forms? Fillable forms do not open on some mobile devices and web browsers. Tocomplete the form:1. Click on the pdf link and save it on your computer.2. Launch Adobe Reader.3. Open the PDF from within Adobe Reader. You can now fill and save your form and attach it to yoursubmission form online.o You can also print the form, have the nominee complete the printed form and take a photo of the form with yourmobile/cellular device to upload during online nomination process.