Describe Australian social policies which relate to particular social problems .

SOAD 9111 SOCIAL POLICY AND SOCIAL ISSUESThis ass is about writing a ministerial brifing to related minister about addresing changing and issues in Perticualr social policyThe aim of this assessment is to familiarize students with real‐world policy practice and the process of policy analysis.
• Use provided policy• Read finding MP document and find MP ( Provided )• Use Provided Templet to write an assignment (No format or font change in templet )• Read and use provided tip sheet• Read provided examples of assignment• Don’t forget to use Textbook on the WPR approach as a reference and use provided reading for references• at least 8 academic references from reading and a few more from wider research (Use policy and sociology-related topic references, Dont forget to use WPR approach, Use Related NGO and policy )This assessment must be supported by at least 8 academic references from reading and few more from wider research. You will need to use topic materials and undertake wider research. APA referencing conventions must be used.
Learning Outcomes being assessed:• Analyse contemporary social problems in the context of Australian social work practice• Employ skills to understand policy responses to social issues in contemporary Australia• Describe Australian social policies which relate to particular social problems• Articulate appropriate social work responses to individual and social issues and understand the connection between social and individual issues
Template, Tips sheet, Exemplars, reading for references and Marking Rubric are provided.The page limit is 2 ‐ excluding the reference list. ( 3rd page is for references )
Picking an issue• Read the first page or the executive summary of the policy ( Provide )• Prepare a sentence that states a problem within the policy (not a summary of the whole policy) that you might address in the Briefing• Report back on your policy and statement of the problem
1. Find a Flinders Scholar who is an expert in the area– bring back a link to a publication they have authored2. Find an NGO with expertise in this area – bring back a link to a resource they have produced3. Find another scholarly source – Use research skills to bring back a link to an academic source relevant to use area.
Reding link –
Please provided reading as a references and add few more from wider research