Describe all examples in your own words – no cutting and pasting from other sources unless they are short, direct quotes.

For this assignment, you will be writing a letter to a School Board (First draft = 500 words). Then you will revise the rough draft and add to it to write a final version (1200 words) for Module 3. This final essay will also be uploaded to your ePortfolio.PROMPT:Imagine, that the local School Board is considering whether or not to provide funding for a comprehensive arts education program for elementary and middle schools in their district. They are also seeking advice about what a high quality arts education program would look like. The board is seeking public opinion about this project.Your task is to research the topic “Why Study the Arts?” You then need to write a persuasive essay in the form of a letter to the school board that argues why the board should adopt a sequential arts education program for all students in the district. You can take on the role of a parent, a teacher, or a concerned citizen. This first draft is meant to be only about 500 words. The final draft (1200 words) of your letter to the school board will be submitted as part of Module 3.Support your views with specific reasons and examples from your own experience, observations, or readings. Describe all examples in your own words – no cutting and pasting from other sources unless they are short, direct quotes. If you refer to examples from your text simply state the source within the essay.Finally, be sure to ask for something specific. Do not just say, “The arts are great!” The reader understands that…what do you WANT from them? How would the money be used? This should be clear in every paragraph and should be reinforced by the examples/arguments you provide.You may find it helpful to have a sample format letter. Try this one out. It may be helpful in getting started. Sample Form Letter to Local School Board – Summer 2019.docxResources for Research in Arts Education:Chapters 1-3 in your Creating Meaning etextHint: A super place to find research studies is pps xv-xvii and look for all pages labeled RU (Research Update)WebsitesAmericans for the Arts Action-Oriented ResearchCreate CA (LOTS of great information!)Why Arts Advocacy is Needed Now More than EverCalifornia PTA AssociationBusiness letter formatFor this assignment, use a business letter format. This means you will need to track down the mailing address of a local school board or district office. If you are uncomfortable using your personal address in a class assignment, simply use Fresno State’s mailing address: 5201 N. Maple Ave Fresno CA 92740ResourcesOwl at Purdue University: of Wisconsin, Madison: