Describe a nurse sensitive indicator that will be the focus of your education session.

Discussion Board #5:This week we have explored quality and the National Database of Nursing Quality Indicators (NDNQI) list choose a nurse sensitive indicator from this list on this website under NDNQI Indicators and follow the DB directions below.Initial post is due: Nov 30th @ 11:59Pand Respond to 2 colleagues due: Dec 01 at 11:59PM1. You are a new nurse on an acute care medical-surgical unit. You are asked by your preceptor to present a 30 min education session for the other staff on the topic of a chosen “nurse sensitive indicator.”2. Describe a nurse sensitive indicator that will be the focus of your education session.3. Define how increasing the staff’s knowledge on the topic may lead to improved patient outcomes.4. Identify an intervention from the literature that you would like to implement on your unit that might improve patient outcomes related to the particular indicator.Discussion Board Instructions :Initial posts should include at least two (2) scholarly citations (one of which may be the textbook/assigned readings) in proper APA format and be between 500 and 700 words.Students must complete a substantive reply to at least two other learners with properly cited scholarly work (at least one scholarly journal) and be between 200-300 words per response by the following Sunday at 23:59 (I.e., 11:59PM) of the week assigned.


How have you practiced continuous learning? What qualities or habits have helped you the most to continue learning? What challenges do you face when it comes to continuous learning? How have you addressed these challenges?
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Select an influential figure from any of the assigned readings and address their significance and influence. How was this individual influenced by the previous history? How was this person influenced by his or her own time? How important was this person’s legacy? What influence do they still hold today? The manner of influence may be economic, political, religious, aesthetic, military, etc.

research a current issue around race, class, and/or gender and crime in the context of one sector of U.S. Criminal Justice System (CJS) processes (e.g., law enforcement, courts, corrections).

NU671 Unit 4 Assignment – Clinical Preparation Tool

Read Zinn, chapter 19

Considering critical thinking and ethical decision making models learned in PHIL101, share what decision you would make in your chosen situation along with your reasons why.