Defining Culture

THE BACKGROUNDAt this point in the course, you’ve read short stories and essays involving differentcultures. Often they focus on the foods of a particular culture, or on social practicesand manners. For example, what is deemed polite behavior. But culture is far more.To write this essay, you will need to know what else is included in the word “culture.”
DO RESEARCHAnd learn whether culture is primarily material, like food, or immaterial, like manners.What other “ingredients” make up culture? Is there a “high culture and a “low”culture? How similar or dissimilar are cultures of different nations, or different ethnicgroups? Is culture inherited at birth, or learned later?
LOCATEat least 5 credible sources about culture. Credible sources are sources we can believebecause written by experts. The best search engine to locate credible sources is onthe LAVC Library’s home page. It is called OneSearch. However, you may also useGoogle or other search engines.
CREATE AN MLA CITATIONfor each source located. Takes notes (for use later) on the main points of each source.
WRITE ESSAY 1to explore what we mean by “culture.” The essay must be at least 3 pages long, plus