Dance Research

You will research and present the What, Why and How of a dance form of your choosing. (Or an influential choreographer). The presentation – I hope- will be either connected to YOUR dance history, the dance of your ancestors or family’s culture OR a choreographer that inspires you. Consider “teaching” the class some of the dance movements associated with this form through a video ( if possible and if it is something we might not know anything about). YOU are the teacher in this moment.
Please use PowerPoint or Google slides for your presentation (at least 8-10 slides..). Please download as a PDE to post- as many links don’t work here…Have at least one YouTube or other video platform clip (embed or provide links in your presentation) that you think best represents this dance, dancer or choreographer. We need visuals in our virtual classroom!Assessment will be based on research, content, execution and knowledge of subject.
Write about your chosen choreographer/ Dancer/ dance form:
for people:
Give us some history- where are they from? Where did they train? With whom? What were/are their influences? What genre do they work in?
Are they still alive? Do they have a Company? Did they? What medium do they work in? Do they also perform?
Who have they influenced? Trained? Worked with? Do they teach dance? Do they choreograph?
What makes them special? Do they have a “signature”move of some kind, or something they are known for?
For dance genres:
Give us some history- where is this dance from? The culture, the place. Who dances it? When? Where?
Is it still done? By whom? ( men and women? all ages? only professionals? anyone at all?)
Is it tied to YOU in any way? To your culture?
Can you study it in a studio?
What makes it special? What is its “signature” move/ style?
What kind of music or instruments are played with it?
Please note the Grading Rubric on your Review assignments. I will take points off if this is:
Too shortHas no video clipsif you just copy/pasted from the internetDidn’t delve deeply enough into the form or personDon’t respond to your classmatesAre careless with typos or incorrect information
EXAMPLES: will be uploaded in the file section.
Noted: please make source to find good source and video to emphasize the topic.
Basically, can you please do dance genres since I am more familiar with that, thank you!!!!