DAN 251 dance

Choose one of the 4 dance works from the list below, and write in depth your response. Your response should be no less than 2 pages and no more than 3, word processed in a .doc or .docx format only. You should use vocabulary and ideas from our class, including Sklar’s Movement Observation Guidelines ( whatever parts of that seem to fit what you are watching (i.e. the general assumption is that you are watching performances that are located inside a theater or in some cases on a soundstage as in the case of The Four Temperaments) Your writing should focus on the movement, and what stands out to you, don’t give a blow by blow account of what happens, or focus on a narrative too much if there is one( it might be important to decipher is there IS a narrative or not… is the choreographer dealing with storytelling in any way or not?) What intrigued you? What surprised you? You have historical background on these artists, so feel free to use a little bit of that (A LITTLE GOES A LONG WAY) for context. Mostly this should be about your response. Please do not focus your writing on the first five minutes of a work, I want to hear about the whole thing. Also don’t get too caught up in costumes and sets, focus more on movement, choreography, meaning.Video links : https://youtu.be/lfBAuacklfA(Links to an external site.)
https://youtu.be/G1yEyHqc2eU (Links to an external site.)https://youtu.be/WwkTuq4pxE0 (Links to an external site.)
https://youtu.be/WFJRt1DVa0I (Links to an external site.)https://youtu.be/6Uj592AqDd0 (Links to an external site.)