current and potential future application of drones in solar farms and wind farms

Write a technical report on the current and potential future application of drones (most will be flying drones) applied to the energy field. You will pick two topics and write about a page on each topic. The full report is limited to 2-pages (includes references), so format appropriately. For help on formatting word files please see this link (use heading etc.): Word formatting for a professional look (Links to an external site.) (YouTube, 18 min. but focus on the first 6 min.) For references use the numbered approach (such as Nature). Your submission will need to be a pdf file.Topics that you can choose from Drone use in X energy applications:Petroleum refinery operationsPipeline inspectionAgriculture (energy-related) — this counts as two topicsCoal mining (open pit)Solar farms (photovoltaic)Wind farmsFugitive methane emissions (current oil and gas-related, also abandoned wells)Power linesPower plant operations (coal/nuclear with either or both combined being one topic)Tunnel mapping (underground mining-related need not be energy-related)This is a test of your library research skills (book chapters, government reports, and journal articles (avoid news articles if you can) along with technical writing, and effective use of citation markers. Use for resources