Cultural Theory” Communication Class

This assignment is for a “Cultural Theory” Communication Class!
– For this assigment, you will reflect on the chosen theorist (Benedict Anderson) and compose a short paper of 2-3 pages that explains his thoughts/significance and what it means to you. In other words, how might your encounter with this theorist change the way you think and act regarding x, y, or z in your life? Does it help you better understand your own culture (polynesian culture), the culture of others, human interaction, identity, power, love, etc….?? Why and how?
– Make sure you show you thoroughy understand the theorist!
– 2-3 pages, double-spaced, FULL of PASSION and FOCUS
– 12 size font, 1 inch margins
Paper will be graded on:1. Understanding and evalution of the theory and the theorist2. Ability to connect the ideas to your life or new ways of thinking and living3. Style, Grammar, Mechanics, and Flow