CSCI203 Algorithms and Data Structures Understanding and Knowledge

CSCI203 Algorithms and Data Structures


Implementation Requirement

1) Part of the purpose of this subject is to gain an in-depth understanding of data structures and algorithms. As such, all programming tasks in this subject require you to choose appropriate data structures and algorithms, and to implement them yourself.

2) You may use any data structures or algorithms that have been presented in class up to the end of week 6. If you use other data structures or algorithms appropriate references must be provided.

3) Programs must compile and run under gcc (C programs), g++ (C++ programs), java or python. Programs which do not compile and run will receive no marks.

4) Programs should be appropriately explained with comments.

5) All coding must be your own work.

6) Use of STL, Java Collection, collection framework and any third party libraries of data structures and algorithms in your language choice is disallowed.

7) If you use any references other than the lecture notes, ensue you cite them or you may receive 0 for plagiarism. A clear comment in your code is sufficient.

8) Code be sourced from textbooks, the internet, etc may also not be used unless it is correctly credited. In the event that you use code sourced in this way you will not receive marks for that part of the program.

9) If needed, you may assume the queue will never have more than 500 people.


A pdf file describing your solution and program output should be produced. This file should contain:

1. A high‐level description of the overall solution strategy.

2. A list of all of the data structures used, where they are used and the reasons for their choice.

3. A list of any standard algorithms used, where they are used and why they are used.

4. The output produced by your program on the provided “a2-sample.txt” file. Use screenshot(s) to show the running and output of your program.

5. A discussion on the output statistics corresponding to different number of tellers (servers).

6. The report should be no more than pages. If it is more than pages, marking will be only based on the first three pages.

7. The report pdf file should be called

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