Criteria for a successful segmentation

Purpose: With digital commerce, consumers can easily buy both within and outside their respective countries. This increased competition means marketers must be diligent and aware of strategies that help differentiate their organization in order to sustain and grow their client base.
Post: This week we were introduced to the four tactical importance of segmentation to competing in the marketplace. List each characteristic of a successful market segment and provide an example of a business employing the strategy. You should also illustrate how they are using their market segment in their marketing strategy. Be sure to provide a link or upload the article, and properly cite it in your post, also include an in-text citation from the textbook that further supports your content demonstrating that you are reading and can apply course principles to the discussion, using APA formatting.
Response (due Sunday by 11:59 pm CST): In your response, choose one classmate’s post and kindly critique the example offered. Be constructive with your comments and see if their examples fit the tactical approach or not.