Create (fake) simple treatment plan for client

I am more than willing to tip generously for whoever does this assignment. The assignment/writing itself is fairly quick and not a lot, but there are links and short videos to review to get a good understanding if you are not already familiar with counselor/client treatment plans.You will be creating a (made up) treatment plan as a counselor for a client who is AODA, utilizing SMART goals. Include 3 short-term goals that are directly related to what the client would work on with the counselor. You may have up to 3 other goals related to what the client may be doing outside of counseling. Then create 3 long-term goals. I will be attaching further information; links to video examples of SMART goals as well as examples of treatment plans. Please include a prevention plan in the long-term goals.
Please copy & paste – Video 1 on SMART goal quick overview: 2 SMART goal examples: example of an in-person counseling session and treatment plan: video example: Alcoholism & Substance Abuse for Individuals and Families