Create an annotated bibliography.

This assignment includes three parts:
A summary/explanation of a fear that is significant to you or to societyAn annotated bibliography that lists and explains sources that provide information relative to the fearAn image that represents your fear, including an explanation of the image
Part OneChoose a fear you wish to address. Explain why this fear is relevant to you and/or society and what you want to learn about it.
Part TwoCreate an annotated bibliography. Find at least three outside resources that expand your understanding of this fear. Include a citation in MLA format and an entry for each source that explains the following:
What the source is aboutHow it intersects with the fear you have selectedHow it has helped shape/strengthen your thinking about the fear
Part Three
Create or find a complex image that represents your fear. A complex image engages multiple modes of communication. Consider the following:A cartoon with dialogueA meme with textA newspaper photo with descriiptionsA cover of a novel with added textA collage of relative images
You can create the image using any tools you wish, but the image must be included in your document, integrated as a visual part of the document.  Should your image not be your own original work, properly cite it as the work of another.
In about 300 words, discuss three or more of the following questions. Be certain that you connect the research you did in Part 1 to the ideas you are expressing in your image and in your explanation.If you found your image, why did you choose it? If you created your image, why did you choose to create your image?What does the image mean to you and what do you think it might mean to other viewers?Where and how could the image be circulated?Is there anything about the image that changed, strengthened, or shifted your perspective on the fear you are exploring?What do you hope the image will make people think or feel or do about your fear, and how did you try to make it do that?How did the research you did on your fear inform your image creation?Where does the research show up in your image?
P.S. The fear I chose is Media Misinformation and Propaganda