Course Portfolio Final Project

Need help with my Writing question – I’m studying for my class.

attention tutor
I need a very talented tutor to login to my student account and complete all of the items in this checklist thoroughly. This involves going into my old assignments (mostly my 2nd drafts) and utilizing those in this paper. Login information will be provided once a tutor is selected.

I am in danger of failing this course, So I am going to need a miraculous job on this.

The UB Writing Program requires all students to demonstrate that they have met the various WRIT 300 Learning Outcomes by submitting a Course Portfolio. You cannot pass the course without a passing portfolio.
The portfolio is assessed as a body of work based on both process and product. It must include the following elements:

The Portfolio Checklist (attached), completed and signed by you.
The Portfolio Memo.
At least 20 pages of polished, carefully revised writing representing various genres, as detailed in the table below.
One or more early drafts of each document, accompanied by feedback you received from your peers and/or instructor.

The following are your options for submitting your portfolio to me:

Electronic submission

Option 1: Put all your work in a folder, making sure that all drafts, revisions, and related materials are clearly labeled. Zip (compress) the whole folder and submit a single zipped file via the Assignments tab.
Option 2: Copy and paste all of your documents into one new document. Save it as a single PDF file and upload that.

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