Construct a Traditional Assessment Instructions

Construct a Traditional Assessment Develop an assessment (TEST/EXAM) of elementary school students’ learning on an Earth or Life Science topic. Suppose that the time available for the assessment is a single period of approximately 50 minutes.
1. Include a cover page and identify grade level. Example: 3rd Grade2. Include Georgia Standard of Excellence being assessed. When you include GSE, you always write out the standard and substandard(s) being addressed (not just the codes). Example:S3E1. Obtain, evaluate, and communicate information about the physical attributes of rocks and soils.a. Ask questions and analyze data to classify rocks by their physical attributes (color, texture, luster, and hardness) using simple tests.b. Plan and carry out investigations to describe properties (color, texture, capacity to retain water, and ability to support growth of plants) of soils and soil types (sand, clay, loam).c. Make observations of the local environment to construct an explanation of how water and/or wind have made changes to soil and/or rocks over time.Use this resource for additional information: Include a list of behavioral objectives (“Students will be able to…”), such as what you see at the top of each unit in our Moodle class. The number of objectives might range from about 5 (if all are fairly high-level) to about 20 (if many are fairly low-level).Use this resource for additional information:
4. Use some combination of multiple-choice and short-answer/essay/diagram (“constructed response”) questions. Do not use true/false, fill-in-the-blank, or matching-column questions.5. Specify a rubric for grading each item, including any provision for partial credit. Along with your rubric, an answer key must be provided. This may range from an inflexible “keyed” answer (e. g., multiple choice) to a prespecified range of anticipated more or less acceptable answers (e. g., short answer) to a more general “checklist” of elements that must be included in a constructed response (e. g., longer essay and/or diagram).IF YOU USE QUESTIONS OR BEHAVIORAL OBJECTIVES STRAIGHT FROM OUR COURSE YOU WILL RECEIVE AN AUTOMATIC GRADE OF 0. This entire assignment should be your own work and your own questions.Requirements:Must reflect current or previous material from our course.Must include GSE and behavioral objectives.Upload into Moodle class as Microsoft Word Document.Length of assessment must reflect a 50-minute period.Combination of question types is required.Grading rubric is required.Please format your paper the following way:Page 1: Title page (APA style)Page 2: Standards/Objectives pagePage 3+: Test Questions pagesPage…: Answer Key page(s)Page…: Grading Rubric page