conduct an analysis

FormatFront page (1 page)Administrivia (Name, class, date, title)Executive Summary (3-6 sentences)Briefing (2-5 pages)Condition of subject/problemImportant issuesRecommendationsFacts (1-2 pages)Information (1 -2 pages)Analytical Techniques (1/2 – 1 ½ pages)Appendices (include at least 3 of the following)Pros-Cons-FixesFlowchartAffinity DiagramNetwork AnalysisDecision TreePESTSWOTForce Field/P-M-I/Pareto AnalysisACHEach student will conduct an analysis regarding Case Study VI, “TheCase of Iraq’s Aluminum Tubes” in the Pherson & Pherson textbook.You are to review the case file, conduct additional research, conduct ananalysis, and prepare and submit an original analytical report in theprovided report format,which is discussed below. The style of the report is a postmortemanalysis, meant to discover the problems with the development of theoriginal Intelligence Estimate.The briefing is the body of the report. It needs to describe thesubject, identify the most important issues, and provide yourrecommendations for addressing the issue. This portion needs to linkanalytical components and explain them to the reader, so the manner inwhich conclusions are reached is made clear. In essence, this sectionmust justify the recommendations that are presented in the report.The executive summary should only be a paragraph to present thesubject, the problem, and broadly reference the solution. The factssection should list and describe critical details in bulleted form,while the information section should list and describe your sources.The analytical techniques section should summarize the analytical toolsapplied, and the reason each was chosen. The appendices will contain atleast three analytical products, but you may use additional tools andincorporate them into your report.