Compare/Contrast the US Census Briefs from 2010 vs 2020 for the below US Population Groups:

Compare/Contrast the US Census Briefs from 2010 vs 2020 for the below US Population Groups:
Hispanic Population
African American Population
Asian Pacific Islander Population

Part 1: Students will write a short intervention proposal to address a current health disparity of your choice.
Health disparity of choice: mental health
Key elements of the proposal include

Explain of the health disparity
Why is this a problem
Description of the intervention strategy
At least one evaluation method
Potential limitations of the proposed intervention

Part 2: Using the 2010 & 2020 United States Census briefs and valid scholarly research, Compare and Contrast the Health Disparities of the following populations:

African American, Hispanic/Latino and Asian/Pacific Islander Americans

Discuss the following:

Identify/explain the following demographics of all three population groups:
Population size in the United States
Primary regional areas of residence
Median household income
Average level of educational attainment
Percentage with and without health insurance
Type of health insurance (private vs. public)
Identify the population demographics in the United States and primary regional areas of residence.
Discuss one major cause of death and health issue for each population.
Which population has experienced the greatest health disparities in the United States? Why?
Which population has experienced the least health disparities in the United States? Why?


  • Compare/Contrast the US Census Briefs from 2010 vs 2020 for the below US Population Groups:
  • Choose and read any one applied mini chapter from your text
  • Consumers can make a difference with regard to environmental issues. The purpose of this assignment is to get you to think about how your individual choices in the marketplace can affect the local and global environment. For Part 1 of this exercise, go to a large grocery store such as Winn Dixie or Publix, and obtain the information necessary to answer the questions below. (Note: you don’t have to purchase anything, just record the information.)
  • Complete the Personal Listening Style Profile in MindTap. Then write a short essay in which you report how you scored on this profile, whether you agree with the styles that the profile indicates are your dominant ones, and explain how your style helps and hinders your ability to actively listen. Then, based on what you have learned in Chapter 6 “Listening,” describe two or three steps you can take to improve your listening skills.
  • Demonstrating your understanding of social work, please discuss your reasons for wanting an MSW, your expectations for being a professional social worker, and any particular populations or social issues of interest.
  • Please include topics such as modern leadership in the digital world, leadership in a globalized world and leadership of millennials. Also, how leadership changed over time from an authoritatrian to a more democratic / enhancing leadership style.
  • select 5 research articles that investigate the topic, each research journal should have a written description (requirements included in attachment), and must create a table of contents for the selected research article titles (requirements In attachment).
  • Describe the evidence for the biological basis of the language disorder: Stuttering, using resources other than our textbook.
  • What from their background, relationship to the Cherokees, and motivation for writing their accounts, would create their biases?
  • Describe the process of how they were carried out, the outcomes, why they were successful, or not successful, and the lessons learned.