Communicating Negative News Effectively

Professional musicians do everything they can to keep the show going, particularly for tours that are scheduled months in advance. However, illness and other unforeseeable circumstances can force an act to cancel shows, even after all the tickets have been sold.

Choose one of your favorite musical acts and assume that you are the tour manager who needs to tell 25,000 fans that an upcoming concert must be canceled because of illness. Ticket holders can apply for a refund at the artist’s website or keep their tickets for a future concert date, which will be identified and announced as soon as possible. Write two tweets, 1 announcing the cancelation and one outlining the options for tickets holders. Make up any information you need, and post your tweets.

In your response posts, make suggestions to your classmates on how they can improve their message. Be constructive and helpful. Assist with grammar and syntax, as well as being concise and succinct. Do you have any helpful comments for anything they might have missed?

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