COMMENT ON 3 DIFFERENT CLASSMATES IDEAS using the DIER model. Give them feedback to help them narrow it

DESCRIBEObserve the work. What do you see? Think of this as the alt-text for an image; how would you describe the project to someone who is visually impaired? Note design elements such as line, shape, color, pattern, texture, typography, symbols, images, composition, materials used, etc.
INTERPRETBased on what you observe, what is the project saying? What is its purpose? What meaning and/or feeling is it communicating?
EVALUATEBased on what you observe and interpret: How effective is the project in communicating its purpose? Does the project meet its goals? What are the project’s strengths and weaknesses?
RECOMMENDWhat revisions would make this project (even) better? What questions does the project bring up for you? Offer clear, helpful advice for improvements.