CMR 282 Module 10

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CMR 282
Chapter 5 – Module 10
Assessment 1: Convert Columns to Rows

Open CRC.xlsx.
Save the workbook with the name 5-CRC.
Copy the range A4:F12, select cell A14, and paste the data so the columns become rows and vice versa.
Delete rows 4 through 13 (the original rows of source data) from the worksheet.
Adjust the merging and centering of the title rows across the top of the worksheet. Apply bold formatting to the range B4:I4 and AutoFit the width of each column in the worksheet.
Copy the values in the Shipping column and paste them into the Total Cost column using an Add operation, so that the total cost now includes the shipping fee.
Duplicate the validation rule for the values in the Compact column in the Mid-size and SUV columns. Hint: Copy the values in the Compact column and paste only the validation rule to the Mid-size and SUV columns.
Save and then close 5-CRC

Assessment 2: Use Goal Seek

Open NationalBdgt.xlsx.
Save the workbook with the name 5-NationalBdgt
Make cell D8 the active cell and open the Goal Seek dialog box.
Find the projected increase for wages and benefits that will make the total cost of the new budget equal $855,000.
Accept the solution that Goal Seek calculates.
Save and then close 5-NationalBdgt

Assessment 3: Use Scenario Manager

Open PreCdnTarget.xlsx.
Save the workbook with the name 5-PreCdnTarget
Create scenarios to save various percentage data sets for the four regions using the following information:
Show the LowSales scenario and then print the worksheet.
Create a scenario summary report that displays cell H 18 as the result cell.
Save and then close 5-PreCdnTarget.

a. A scenario named OriginalTarget that stores the current values in the range K4:K7.
b. A scenario named LowSales with the following values:
East 0.20
West 0.32
Ontario 0.48
Quebec 0.37
c. A scenario named HighSales with the following values:
East 0.36
West 0.58
Ontario 0.77
Quebec 0.63

Visual Benchmark: Find the Base Hourly Rate for Drum Lessons

Open Lessons.xlsx.
Save the workbook with the name 5-Lessons
The current worksheet is shown in Figure WB-5.l. The hourly rates in the range B4:B12 are linked to the cell named BaseRate, which is cell B15. For intermediate and advanced lessons, $4 and $8, respectively, is added to the hourly base rate.
The drum teacher wants to earn $4,770 per month from teaching lessons (instead of the current total of $4,298). Use the Goal Seek feature to change the base hourly rate to the value required to reach the drum teacher’s target.

Save, print, and then close

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