Civility Module Essay

Overview: The readings in this module havefocused on civility. Think about these ideas from the readings:
*Appiah’s articleargues that multiculturalism does not solve the divisive problems in oursociety which calls for a “civic culture” where “everyone recognizes thatpeople are entitled to respect whatever their gender or sexuality, their raceor religion, and wherever they came from.”*Plante writesthat we must work together to return to a civic culture in which “allinteractions (in person and online) are conducted with respect and compassion, and that people who don’tbehave in a civil manner are provided with corrective feedback.”
*However, Fadelwrites that “The calls for civility can feel like an effort to stifle people’soutrage over injustice or hate, because civility can be a tool to build or aweapon to silence” (Fadel).*Meanwhile,Ronson writes about the powerful effects of internet shaming, and interviews aperson whose life was destroyed by a tweet, noting the “disconnect between theseverity of the crime and the gleeful savagery of the punishment.”
For this essay, you will RESPOND to the questionsraised in Fadel’s article by focusing on the following passage:
“To what purpose is civility going to be used? Is it going to be moreinclusive? Is it going to mean that you’re bringing more people’s voices intothe political debates, or are you using civility as a way to go back to the oldhierarchies and the status quo since the founding of the Americanrepublic?” (qtd. in Fadel).
PROMPT: In America, HOW is civility being used? Is it a TOOL to buildand “bring more voices” into the discussion of important issues, or isit a WEAPON for silence that’s being used to keep the same group of people incharge, to SILENCE the growing number of women, minorities and otherdisenfranchised citizens. What EXAMPLES can you give from the READINGS thatJUSTIFY your opinion?ASSIGNMENT: WRITE A 5-7 paragraph documented essayto answer the above questions.
1. In YourOPENING: Compose a thesis that takes a clear stance and addresses the essentialquestion: Is Civility a Tool to Build or a Weapon to Silence? Use words from the question (“tool” or “weapon”) inyour Thesis and be sure to include a clear PREVIEW or MOD sentence (outlined innotes from Required Texts)2. In Your BODYPARAGRAPHS: Support your argument with documented passages from this module’sreadings:·Reference Fadel’s article·Include a case study in civility that supports yourargument (you may use Ronson’s article, or another example)·Incorporate twoadditional sources from the module to support your argument·Cite from ALL FOUR of the assigned sources from this module3.In Your CLOSING PARAGRAPH: Evaluate America’s current stateof civility- is it good enough as it is, or does it need to change? What mightwe citizens do to ensure civility?
Audience: Write for anaudience that is not in this class. That means you’ll need to spend some time summarizingkey ideas, defining any terms that might be unfamiliar, choosingshort quotes from the reading selections to help your reader get a sense ofthe authors’ arguments. Be sure to USE CONTEXT to thoroughly explain HOW yourcited passages prove your opinion is true.