Essay: Civilian-Military Relations and National SecurityAssignment
OverviewCivilian control of themilitary has been a bedrock principle of American democracy and foreign policysince the nation’s founding. In our assignment for Module/Week 5 we will focuson several dimensions of civilian-military relations
Aftercarefully reading and viewing all of the assignments for Module/Week 5 write a1,500–2,000-word essay that addresses the following prompts:
§ Describe thenature and challenges of civilian-military relations§ Identify andanalyze the challenges to national security posed by the civilian-militaryrelationship.§ Using Biblical andextra-Biblical sources carefully identify Biblical principles that should guidecivilian-military relations.
The paper must be incurrent APA style with default margins and in 12-pt Times New Roman font andsubmitted in a Microsoft Word document. The paper must include a title page andreference page also in current APA format. You must include citations to anappropriate number of appropriate scholarly sources to fully support yourassertions and conclusions. Your papermust contain at least 5–7 scholarly sources original to this paper and notincluding the course textbook.
Note: Your assignmentwill be checked for originality via the Turnitin plagiarism tool.


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